Hello from my virtual garden in Bushwick. It’s okay I prefer Bedstuy too ;) Urban container gardening in the age of COVID has been a peaceful, grounding, and most welcome distraction.  I started planting seedlings on March 23rd and now I have 20 packets of seeds (although admittedly not all of them have germinated). I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos, read a few resources, and have called my dad quite a bit asking questions (with 55+ years of gardening experience he is arguably my best resource). But don’t be intimidated – growing seeds can be VERY easy. I made a doodle chart below on what seeds have been the easiest to grow and which need more TLC.

I’ve also been trying to take notes of when the seedlings were planted and when they are projected to be harvested. Lots of doodling and love for these babies. Pricing-wise the seeds cost around $1.00-$3.50 per packet. Along with buying the seeds I also purchased a plant light from Home Depot called Feit Electric which costs $40 and I have to say my seeds are THRIVING under this. Totally worth the investment. Cheers and happy gardening.

︎Mercedes Padró

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