Late summer brings with it a slight chill in the air – with leaves beginning to fall. The garden feels as if it’s been changing slowly and quickly all at once. Tomatoes are blooming bright yellow, attracting bees and flies alike, until it fruits a juicy treat. I’ve learned it’s best to pick tomatoes in the early morning, before the sun has a chance to over-ripen it. The cages are keeping the squirrels at bay, so they haven’t developed a likening for them yet, but their creeping paws have found an appetite for strawberries. I can’t blame them. The mosquitoes are quick to bite, but the garden is growing a small harvest come fall.

Running to Saraghina for pizza and toast, the tropical hurricane raged on. I secretly thanked mother earth for the gift of water, which allows the plants to bloom and thrive. The tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are doing best this year. With several varieties of tomatoes, it will be fun to taste the difference between them. At this point, I’ve lost track of the variety of species. The cherry tomatoes are sweet like candy, a true summer treat. The cucumbers are fresh and have a crisp taste to it, even though they look like a balloon intaking helium. I’m looking forward to finding other curiosities in the garden.

The cats are growing and in need of a home if anyone is adventurous enough to take on a kitty. There are two that I’ve seen consistently in the garden that are black and white.

Cheers and happy gardening.

︎Mercedes Padró