Rifle Paper Co. | stationery design

As a product designer at Rifle I worked on a variety of projects such as the Peacock embroidered sketchbook. 
Using the Peacock pattern created by Anna Bond,  I vectorized the artwork and designed the layout. 
I chose specific embroidery techniques and thread colors for the prep-house to reference.

I worked on designing the layout and placement of the Roses Stationery card set,
including the box design and the individual cards in the set.

 I was responsible for the concept, sketching, illustration, and final design of the following greeting cards.
For the ice cream sundae I tried a variety of layouts, but settled on placing the text within the ice cream bowl for a vintage aesthetic.

The Piñata birthday card was inspired by childhood festivities.
I painted the card and created a variety of layouts and type treatments before settling on the final design.

Working with Anna’s initial illustration of the nutcracker, I painted and designed the nutcracker trio.
The version to the right was an earlier iteration.

The intial concept for “Happy Holidays” was inspired by the classic ice typography seen on freezers.
The sketch to the right was an earlier iteration of this card, but I decided on a taller type treatment to fill out the space better.
For the final design I hand painted and lettered the typography for the snowy type effect.

For Santa’s checklist I used Anna’s illustration of Santa’s head and illustrated his body based on vintage Santa references.
I was also responsible for the “Making a List” lettering and the layout.

In collaboration with 3M, I designed the following sticky notes.
I worked on the layout of the backer and sticky note, so that the placement looks well-design with and without the sticky.

I designed the Estee pencil set and explored a variety of color-ways with a seamless pattern wrap.